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Develop Script

  • I wrote, wrote, wrote!
  • Edited and received feedback from professional script readers.
  • Got initial community feedback and contributions to deepen story for lead character, Cadence. This is ongoing!
  • I am reaching out and developing new relationships with additional communities for consults, feedback and contributions for the characters Alexandra and Roam (for this book and in preparation for books two and three). 
  • The Story is on the homepage if you missed it.

Create Facial Expression Reference Sheets

  • One of the strongest indicators for emotions is our face, and emotions express our rich and diverse humanity, so I chose to cast real people for RADIFY’s lead characters.
  • Each lead is cast from within their community,
  • Photographed and test sketched, and then
  • Photographed in over 40 emotional states and at three different angles.
  • Check out Realism (Europe) and Social Realism (US), both helped inspire my approach to drawing RADIFY.

Visualizing the Script

  • Each page of the book is made up of multiple pen and ink drawings.
  • I have left texts (dialogue, narration, etc.) and color correction unfinished for now. This will allow me to make adjustments once all the book’s drawings are complete.
  • Here are some sample book pages before texts, each is made from multiple pen and ink drawings (See more in Drawings):

Community Engagement Ongoing

Community engagement is ongoing and will grow through each book in the series.

  • Face models for lead characters were cast from within their communities for the facial expression reference sheets.
  • RADIFY’s three protagonists’ personal stories are based on a range of true-life experiences.
  • Sensitivity script readings, feedback, and consultations with community members and organizations have and will continue to happen at various stages of production.
  • I am developing book contributions with each community. Book one will include:
    • heartfelt letters to fictional characters from their real life community
    • zine contributions
    • syllabi pertaining to ideas in the book
    • diagrams pertaining to ideas in the book
    • appendix 
  • See current face model and contributor Bios.

To Any Aspiring Graphic Novelists perusing this site,

I never seem to take the easy route. This is a very time consuming process! You have been warned!

Best Wishes

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