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Develop Script

  • I wrote, wrote, wrote!
  • Edited and received feedback from professional script readers.
  • Got initial community feedback to deepen lead character. This is ongoing!
  • Developing new relationships with more communities for additional feedback and preparation for books two and three.
  • The Story is on the homepage if you missed it.

Create Facial Expression Reference Sheets

  • One of the strongest indicators for emotions is our face, and emotions express our rich and diverse humanity, so I chose to cast real people for RADIFY’s lead characters.
  • Each lead is cast from within their community,
  • Photographed and test sketched, and then
  • Photographed in over 40 emotional states and at three different angles.
  • Check out Realism (Europe) and Social Realism (US), both helped inspire my approach to drawing RADIFY.

Visualizing the Script

  • Each page of the book is made up of multiple pen and ink drawings.
  • I have left texts (dialogue, narration, etc.) and color correction unfinished for now. This will allow me to make adjustments once all the book’s drawings are complete.
  • Here are some sample book pages before texts, each is made from multiple pen and ink drawings (See more in Drawings):

Community Engagement Ongoing

Community engagement is ongoing and will grow through each book in the series.

  • Face models for lead characters were cast from within their communities for the facial expression reference sheets.
  • RADIFY’s three protagonists’ personal stories are based on a range of true-life experiences.
  • Sensitivity script readings, feedback, and consultations with community members and organizations have and will continue to happen at various stages of production.
  • I am developing book contributions with each community. Book one will include:
    • heartfelt letters to fictional characters from their real life community
    • zine contributions
    • syllabi pertaining to ideas in the book
    • diagrams pertaining to ideas in the book
    • appendix 
  • See current face model and contributor Bios.

To Any Aspiring Graphic Novelists perusing this site,

I never seem to take the easy route. This is a very time consuming process! You have been warned!

Best Wishes

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