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  • I AM SO GRATEFUL TO: Sally Berger, Carol and Robert Mode, PJ and Elaine Mode, Joyce Gang and Allen Levin, Helga and Andrea Maneschi, and Jennifer Stanley!
  • THANK YOU: David Reed, Penny Waller, E Weatherford, Sadie Benning, Alice Quinn, Lynne Sachs and Lizzie Olesker, Bob and Jayne Workman, Becky Mode, Effie Gang, Lucy Kostelanetz, David Salniker, Mary Recine, Don Casper, Diana and Dan Gualdoni, Bonita Makuch, Annette White, Sam Green, Pegi Vail and Melvin Estrella, Inka, Lisa Van Pelt, A Maneschi, Pippa Gore, F Lynne Bachleda, Susan Eaddy, Charles Craddock, Jennie Livingston, Caspar Strake, Natalie Bookchin, Tracie Holder, Mickey Lemle, Raphael Gang, Karin Eaton, Maureen Connor, Shelly Silver, Heidi Schlatter, Dan Yarbrough, Jane Braddock, Kay and Keith Simmons, Lanie Gannon, Diana Johnson, Pascal Akesson, Andrea Geyer, Sarah Brown, Faye Ginsburg, Victoria Boone, Lucila Moctezuma, Kate Horsfield, Liz and Mike Berger, Linda Moroney, Victoria Funari, Hans Soderquist, Kay and Kevin Grogan, Jane Steuerwald, Lori Aach, Tony Gerber, Khadeja Merenkov, Darrin Martin, Jonathan Friedman, PF Anderson, Nick Fowler, Ava Chappell, Michael and Liz, Robyn Weilbacher, Alyson Denny, Sarah Liberman, Nathan G., Jillian Slonim and Larry Kardish, Rachel Alexander, K. Schoepflin, Laura Nash, Barbara Moutenot, Rachael S., Phyllis Baldino, Diane Painter, Ruth and Bill Smith, Carrie McGee, Corey Sabourin, Amy Theuschamy, John Silvestre, Ellinor Gregor, Jan Shepard, Sande and Larry Churchill, Barbara Hammer, Grace Iverson, Beth Ann and those who wish to remain anonymous!
  • Thank you to my brother Daniel Mode for helping me get this website off the ground!

BIG THANKS to interACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth for your continued guidance and support.

Check out the successful Kickstarter campaign and video at 

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