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Project Update 2022 – It’s been too long!


  • In September I was fortunate to go on a residency in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA).  It was a truly restorative experience after a year and a half of intense social isolation and no vacation or overnight getaways.  I met many wonderful artists and writers there, and the studio space, conversations, nature and swimming opportunities gave me so much joy!
  • Much of the fall was about drawing, drawing, drawing and I am loving my new large-scale drawing method. It’s really helped with the pace and the fluidity of the page layout.
  • One necessary but draining activity was redrawing around 30 of the initial pages of the book.  They were made in a two-layer process that, once scanned at pro resolution, could not be salvaged without more work than it took to redraw them. The paper I used at the time was different, as well as the drawing technique – this meant the color, texture, and style weren’t up to par. (A time consuming process I was pleased to get out of the way in 2021)
  • During October we stayed at a friend’s upstate cottage, which I used as an opportunity to draw as well as attend  “Dismantling Eugenics: Legacies/ Reckonings/ Futures a Convening,” an intersectional cross-disciplinary online conference that will help with tweaks and updates for RADIFY’s dialogue.
  • I also began splicing together and photoshop retouching the new high-resolution scans of all artwork finished so far.


  • The months of January and February were a minimal RADIFY productivity period, because I went to assist my parents with medical, care, and home needs. We got a lot done, but I will be setting up more help for them over the coming months.  My brother and our partners have been sharing in the load – so big shout out to them!
  • March brought me back to NYC where I am returning to my home studio production mode.
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