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Progress Update December 2022


I am still drawing pages, but felt the need to spend some time reconnecting to the script, to see how the screenplay texts work with the drawings. In October I researched and began “visual scripting.”

  • Visual scripting is a technique used by some graphic novelists, in advance of drawing, to “layout” the cells (typically in grids) with the texts (typically dialogue, thought bubbles, narration, description, etc.) in book-format. This can be done using a program like InDesign which allows them to write the book and add image ideas, photos, or notes to guide their drawing process.
  • I chose to work in reverse of those graphic novelists, using visual scripting to add text (dialogue, thoughts, narration, description, etc.) to all the images/pages I’ve already drawn. This was easy as I already had a screenplay to work from.
    • This reverse process enables me to work in both directions – to rewrite text or rework drawings as needed. I can now play with fonts, bubble shapes, and text-image integration while keeping both editable.
    • I find the images have more weight in the story telling through this approach.
  • Each month I am learning new methods and shortcuts within InDesign thanks to generous practitioners on YouTube. RADIFY is now moving into a “book” file, a file that will eventually go to the printer/publisher.

It is very exciting to start seeing the book emerge!

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