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Progress Update April 2024

2023 was a very difficult year I only had a few months to work on RADIFY.  Much of the year was spent caring for my parents and sadly in January of 2024 my father passed away.

Now I am back at work on RADIFY, and here is the graphic novel update:

2023 NEWS

  • I created hand-drawn styles and templates for text balloons and lettering that connect naturally to the artwork.After months of worry about how to integrate these styles with the drawn pages, I am very pleased with the results. Additionally, the script texts for the balloons were brought into the design layout software.
  • I moved into a completely dedicated graphic novel studio space!


  • I am now working at a steady pace on the mockups for the remaining drawings needed to complete the book, and hope to finish them by late-June.
  • Once the mockups are completed, I will use them to draw all the remaining pages. My goal is to complete the drawings by the end of 2024 or early 2025.
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